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Fireworks, Irish settlers in precolumbian America?

I recently published an article at my website LostWorlds.org based on my latest research entitled “Evidence of Fireworks in Ancient America?” The research is based on a document entitled “The Testimony of Francisco Chicora” which is the earliest written eyewitness account by Spanish explorers who created the supposedly first European settlement in the U.S. Curiously, these “first” settlers admitted that there was already a large province named Duhare that was inhabited by white people. Duhare could be the Gaelic words du h’Eire which translates as either “Place of the Irish” or “Black Irish.” If that wasn’t enough these same Spanish settlers noted that the Duhare seemed to have some form of fireworks which they used at the time of the chief’s death. The problem is that fireworks didn’t reach Europe until 1650 and these Spanish accounts were from 1526. Read my full article here: http://lostworlds.org/evidence-fireworks-ancient-america/

Gary C. Daniels

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