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Science behind Mayan prophecies

I recently wrote an article for my Ancient Civilizations column in the national edition of Examiner.com entitled “New book reveals the science behind the Mayan prophecies.” I discussed the research I did for my book Mayan Calendar Prophecies | Part 1: Predictions for 2012 and Beyond. This research revealed a possible connection between the Mayan belief in a 256-year cycle that governed the rise and fall of civilizations and a 250-year solar cycle that has been shown to influence everything from disease outbreaks, famines and warfare. I first became aware of a possible 250-year cycle governing civilizations when I was researching ancient Native American civilizations and noted many of them lasted for precisely 250 years before collapsing. My research into the possible causes of this led to the discovery of a 250-year seismic cycle and 250-year solar cycle. It was then that I discovered the Mayan belief in a 256-year cycle of disease outbreaks, famines and warfare. Read the full article here:


Gary C. Daniels

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